Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Nine year old earns Boy Scouts of America National Award of Merit

The actions of this Scout are truly amazing. To keep calm in a situation like this is impressive. When it's your own mom, it's amazing. And the boy was only 8 years old! Further proof that every Scout should earn the Emergency Preparedness award.

The entire story can be found HERE. Here's an excert:

In April 2007, Michael, then an 8-year-old Bear Cub Scout, was playing with two friends in his home when they heard Michael’s mother, Diane, call for help. The three children found her unconscious. Michael knew that his mother had diabetes, and he suspected she was experiencing insulin shock. He coordinated efforts to confirm the signs of diabetic shock according to his training, and directed his two friends in obtaining the necessary items needed for her revival, including a glucose testing kit, emergency glucose tablets, cool and damp cloths, sweetened drink and a telephone to call for help.

Next, Michael confirmed that his mother was in diabetic shock, tested her blood sugar and discovered a reading of 23. He took action to treat her with the glucose tablets that he placed in her mouth. As Mrs. Klotz regained consciousness, Michael transitioned treatment to the sugar sweetened drinks, at which time his father arrived home from work. Diane told Fred that the insulin shock came on so suddenly and all she remembered was calling out for help. She is convinced that the quick actions of Michael, and his two friends, saved her life.


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