Saturday, March 26, 2011

District Derby Day

The boys had their district Pinewood Derby today.  Henry raced in the Tiger division, and Ethan was in the Design division.  Registration was scheduled from 9:30 - 10:30, with racing to begin at 11:00.  Unfortunately, by 11:30, racing still hadn't started and they were making last calls for registration.  The kids had lost interest by that point, so we left for awhile and came back in time to collect our cars when the Tigers had finished racing.  Kind of a bust, but they got a cool patch out of it.

Also got to see an old friend who's also involved in Scouting now with a neighboring pack.  Looks like we'll each be taking on Cubmaster duties for our packs, so hopefully we can find some joint activities to do together.

And the Scouting day ended on a high note with a trip to the Scout Shop to get uniform shirts for the boys.  Now to get the patches on...

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