Friday, April 8, 2011

100 Days of Scouting - Day 5

I spent some time messing around with the pack website today, and caught up on some scouter blogs.  Also started some planning docs for the pack.  One in particular is going to be a big job.  I'm trying to put together an "Operator's Manual" for our pack to document how we've done things in the past.  We're always open to improvement, but it will hopefully make transitions for new leaders much easier.  We lost our Committee Chair last year when his youngest son crossed over, and it took about a year to get up to speed on all he had done for the pack.  I guess we'd taken him for granted!   Luckily, he was very patient with us, and we finally caught on.  My thinking is that if we can get it in writing, we can take out a lot of the guesswork.

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