Friday, May 13, 2011

100 Days of Scouting - Day 40

Today my Webelos son, Ethan, and I arrived at Cub World for the Webelos Outdoor Weekend.  We got off to a great start since we got to stop by Roy Rogers on the way for a Double-R burger!  Ethan led the way on getting out tent set up, and stowing the gear.  We had a great time just throwing a frisbee around!  He has an older sister and a younger brother, so it's nice to get to do something like that, just the two of us.  After lights out, he seemed to drift off with no problem.  I started to, but then remembered the one thing I don't like about camping so close to others - snoring!  And late-talkers.  I thought it was funny to hear some of the "shhh-ing".

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