Monday, May 16, 2011

100 Days of Scouting - Day 43

What a day!  Or night, rather.  Today I used the BSA Internet Advancement tool to prepare the pack's advancement report ahead of our rank advancement ceremony next Sunday. Not the simplest process.  But, one of the other leaders was available to go to our Scout Shop today to pick up the awards and badges, so I wanted to get it finished.  I'd rather be up until 1:00am doing the input than driving all the way up there!  I actually do need to get there for a few things, but not sure if my schedule will comfortable allow it before the meeting.  Lots of activity badges, arrow points, and rank badges.  And I was really happy to see how many earned the Outdoor Activity Award.  That's one of my favorites, but in the last few years we hadn't seen many earning it.  Or at least not seeing the parents let the den leaders know that their son had earned it...  Anyway, glad to see the boys going to camp and getting outside to earn that.  Plus it looks awesome on the uniform pocket!

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