Thursday, June 16, 2011

How a Den Leader gets to be called Captain Awesome

I've been going to Twilight Camp with my boys all week, and have been the "den leader" for my Webelos II's den.  Three nights of stations with 10 boys, going from fishing, to BB's, to archery, to knots, to woodworking, and a bunch of other.

But tonight was special.  Oh yeah.  Tonight was Hike Night!  And what makes it special for the Webelos is that they get to cross the creek, getting far wetter than necessary in the process.  Now, I should mention that before we headed out, we were specifically told that they'd know we had a good time if we came back muddy.  The boys took that to heart...

Ethan and me after the Webelos hike at Twilight Camp.

This is what I brought our den back looking like.  It was an accident.

This is how you get to be called Captain Awesome.
I've had a blast all week with this great group of kids.  I'm looking forward to family night tomorrow, when the kids can show their families all that they've done this week.  And in more good news for the Webelos, they get to camp out overnight.  It's always good to have some one-on-one with Ethan.  

I try to tell people that if their son doesn't go to Camp, he's missing out.  Maybe now they'll believe me!

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