Sunday, September 2, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Another great School Sign Up night for Cub Scouts.  Seven more signed up, bringing our total between the two schools to 19!  After cross-over last May we were at 15, so that's a great number for us.  Our last couple of recruiting years had been down a bit, so we're happy.


Went straight from sign-ups to the Troop Annual Planning meeting.  The Scoutmaster brought up the idea of doing an optional mini-Merit Badge Challenge for the troop one Sunday each month.  It's a great idea, and I'm really looking forward to it.  I think the boys will get a lot out of it.


First volleyball match was this Friday.  Won the first set, then dropped two.  Both losses were close, and I can see what we need to work on to fix our mistakes.  I may be the least qualified volleyball coach in America, but this is going to be a fun season!


No soccer for the boys over the Labor Day weekend, but the girls were still in action.  The other team was short on players, so they apparently picked up some other girls, which is entirely against the rules.  No worries. Two of our best players were out of town, we just played through it, and still won 3-1.  Those girls are tough, and they're finally showing some signs of moving the ball better in the midfield and on the attack.  


For what we end up paying in late fees at the library, we might as well just buy more movies.  Generally, we just buy the kid movies that we know we'll watch again and again.


There's a big fireworks show in Cincinnati tonight.  The spot were we used to watch them is now a construction site.  That, and the all-day threat of rain will keep us home tonight. 


However... it didn't keep us away from Coney Island (  We got a pass this year, and only have a couple of more days left in the season.  The world's largest recirculating pool, and there couldn't have been more than 40 people in it!  And to wrap the night, we got on the ferris wheel as it was starting to drizzle.  After two turns, the downpour came.  Best. Ride. Ever.

Hope everyone had a great week!